If you have ever wanted to experience an art exhibition but for one reason or another that is yet to happen, then that has been made possible from wherever you are. You can now get lost in exhibitions from around the world.

And the first art and photo virtual exhibition to be witnessed in Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic is taking place now. Visual artists and photographers are documenting the current times surrounding Covid-19 for the digital exhibition. Picha Images are the organizers of the exhibition.

Since most art galleries are closed from the public at these times, the creative industry is sharing more of their work online. More people are now able to interact with art, whether that is in live concerts, song releases, and now an art exhibition.

We share some of the images that are compiled by Picha Images for Africa Covid Exhibition. You could check the many others using the hashtag #africacovidexhibition and on their website africacovidexhibition.com

Visual artists and photographers can continue to submit their works on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram before June 6 using the hashtag.

Image courtesy: Samod Wilson @paintingonpurpose

The piece above by Samod Wilson from the US explores the desire of children to go and play outside as they would normally do before the pandemic hit.

It is a reality for many parents now who are trying to explain to their children why they should stay inside the house. Children may also not be fully aware of the situation. And they seek answers from parents who are not certain when it is safe for them to go outside.

Image courtesy: Michael Soi @michaelsoistudio

If you have ever stepped outside your home even once or watched the news, you have certainly see some people wearing their masks wrong.

There have been concerns that wearing masks for a prolonged period of time can have other effects especially for children and anyone who has breathing problems. That aside, celebrated painter Kenyan painter Michael Soi expresses his worry for those who can wear masks but choose to do so wrongly to be cool.

By now you must have known that masks prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Image courtesy: Machira @artofmachira

Kenyan illustrator known by the single name Machira explores parts of the fashion, identity and culture of the African people. The lady is seen wearing an African print mask and African jewelry.

Many people in Kenya are going for masks that are in full African colours and fabrics.

Image courtesy: Tito Onodera, Teddy Shakes, Moha Freeman, Mchula Art, Nuru, Shee, Dankiz.

This is a mural art by artists from Mombasa. Tito Onodera, Teddy Shakes, Moha Freeman, Mchula Art, Nuru, Shee and Dankiz took to a wall in Mombasa to celebrate the healthcare workers.

They have been at the forefront in fighting the pandemic. They risk their lives while saving those of others. They continue to spend days and nights taking care of patients.

Image courtesy: Peter Mwangangi @pitah_m

The world has seen a new normal. There has been lockdowns, companies adopting work-from-home lifestyle, increased online shopping, and so on. In one way or another we have all had to adjust.

Image courtesy: Peter Mwangangi @pitah_m

Peter’s artwork smartly expresses that the best thing we can do for those we love is by following the directives put in place by the government. Wearing masks, practicing physical distancing, sanitizing and washing hands show that we care for ourselves and for others.

Image courtesy: Kesh Nthamba @kenyan_francophone

“Awareness in most informal settlement areas is still a great challenge. But two Kenyan organizations (Art 360 degrees and Foundation of hope) came together to craft public awareness on the Covid-19 pandemic with murals,” explained Africa Covid Exhibition on their page.


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