Any day is a good day to schedule in some TLC but Sundays have become synonymous with self-care. And the hashtag #SelfCareSunday is pushing this necessary idea forward. 

The idea of self-care first originated in the 1950s for patients who were staying in medical institutions. It was then recommended to people in careers which exposed them to pain and trauma, such as healthcare workers. Over the years it has been practiced by different kinds of people only that it was not yet identified as self-care. It has since grown to become a global phenomenon.

Self-care looks different for everyone. Any good thing that you love to do to rejuvenate can count as self-care. We initially thought that only has to go to a spa to get personal care. But personal care really can be that visit to a spa, or a nap, a cuddle with a book, preparation of a meal that you love, listening to a podcast, doing something nice for someone else, or even taking a bath.

The idea of infusing self-care in daily activities such as taking a bath makes rejuvenation much more accessible and the activity more fun. If you are looking to step up your bath game, here are some of the ideas to consider:

Get nice bath towels

Photo by Izabelle Acheson on Unsplash

We think that getting these soft and fluffy bath and face towels in colours that you love is worth an effort to make. 

Towels need to be changed at least twice a year. A bathrobe is also a good idea to take all of this to the next level.


Soak a bath cloth or sponge into hot water. Massage the parts that you experience body tension, rigidity or ache. You could massage your head using bare hands. This is a treat especially when you are using your bare hands. 

You could also go for hot essential oils, which have healing properties, to massage yourself. 

Self-massage helps the body and mind to relax, eases off fatigue and improves sleep.

Play music

Playing music and singing along to your favourite songs while taking a bath has been a common thing to do. Studies have shown that it promotes wellbeing too. Who would have thought that singing in the shower is a self-care practice?

Catch up on some reading

Well, not all homes have bathrubs. You can use a spaious bath basin if you want to or invest in a portable bathtub. That makes reading while taking a bath a practical activity.

Take an ice bath

Have you ever tried an ice bath? 

Here is how to do that: fill the bathtub with ice cold water and some ice cubes. Throw in dried orchid flowers to make it look inviting. Dip your whole body under the water for as long as you can. It heals every part of the body and increases alertness.

Do a bath meditation

Meditation is a helpful activity but it needs discipline to make it a habit. Incorporating it in your bath is an easy route to turn it into a habit. Meditation can take about ten minutes or even more if you would like. It helps one to stay in the present moment and increases attention focus.

Decorate the bathroom

Simple decor ideas to consider include a piece of art or bathroom accessories like soap dishes and storage racks. There is not really much that can be done in most bathrooms in rental spaces, but simple things like keeping it clean and organized can create a calming bathing exerience. 

Burn a candle

Photo courtesy of Crimson Candles (Kenya)

Spend more time in the bathroom by letting a candle burn. Candles create a calming experience. 

Use scented soaps

Black Chamomile shower gel by His & Her Scents store/ photo courtesy

If you are into fresh-smelling soaps and shower creams, then shower gels could speal to your soul. One good example is this Black chamomile Shower gel also pictured above.

Do a beauty routine

Putting on a face mask, scrubbing your feet with a pumice are some of the ideas for a self-care bath.

Have a cup of tea

Make yourself a cup of tea that you like as you prepare to take a bath. Just like reading, this is definitely an activity that would require an installed bathtub or a portable one. You can also choose to sip tea before or after taking a bath if doing these two together at the same time is too much for you.

We would love to know, what is your go-to self-care ritual?

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