If you are waiting for a perfect time to live abundantly, what if we tell you that this very moment is ideal?

We have been conditioned to think that we need to attain something great to be worthy of abundance. What if you are told that you can start doing so right away? As it has been made to look, abundance is not a destination but an endless journey. It is a conscious choice to recognize that you have everything that you need at all times, and in plenty.

Author of “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne puts emphasis on the need to foster a culture of gratitude and giving to create abundance. By practicing the two, you are instantly tuned into the flow of abundance and thus you attract more of what you want in life.

This belief system was reaffirmed by Centonomy founder Waceke Nduati and Africa Uncensored CEO & co-founder John Allan Namu at Centonomy’s open day held this past Saturday in Nairobi. The event, focusing on financial abundance, set off reflections about money. The two speakers described it as a conviction that there are opportunities of wealth creation and that what you have right now is sufficient even as you make steps to improve your finances.

Hold positive thoughts about money

John-Allan recollected how painful it was to him to see his widowed mother struggle to pay for his high school education. It changed how he viewed money. As an adult, John-Allan recently enrolled into Centonomy’s personal financial management course. As much as he followed everything he learned in class, he was unable to live abundantly.

“I grew up being scared of debt. I would do anything to get out of debt including taking more debt,” he disclosed.

Accepting that it was a difficult process, the award-winning investigative journalist told the audience that he has conquered his fear just the other day by shifting his mindset. There were five other speakers who shared their journeys at the event. They offered these tips to financial abundance.

Write down your vision and goals in BIG LETTERS

Having your financial goals in capital letters and setting clear deadlines can give you optimum focus. You can then break them down into small daily goals. You can also establish prudent money habits such as accounting for the money you spend using money management apps, having a meal plan, cutting down on expenses, avoiding impulse buying, digging through the most profitable investment and saving options available, and so on.

Maximize on opportunities

If you intently look around, you will see that there are opportunities around you that can help you grow your income. Focus on your strengths, talents and gifts. Seeing what you have right now is empowering. See the opportunities within your reach and stretch your hand even further.

Author and founder of Living Effectively Mentorship Program, Douglas Waudo, encouraged the audience to also implement new ideas of wealth creation.

Be willing to make sacrifices

Media personality and author of “My First Time” Janet Mbugua narrated her story of how she had to make several sacrifices years ago so that she could own a piece of land within a period of six months. One of the decisions were saying no to engagements that needed her to reach for her wallet.

“Sacrifice. Something has got to give to reach any goal. Make peace with those who will not understand the season you are in. I have had to cut back on attending events and cut off some friendships for me to be able to save,” she said.

Other sacrifices mentioned at the event were carrying your own food to work, sticking to a budget, cutting back on unnecessary expenses and grooming yourself at home. The other speakers included s creenwriter, content creator and singer Wanjiru Thiong’o, influencer manager Vanessa Ndinda, and Elsie Akoo, a nutritionist.