The main distinctive quality between ambiversion, introversion and extroversion is how people who fall into these personality types recharge.

Introverts gain energy by spending time alone for a good amount of time. They can be in social situations but they easily get overwhelmed and their energy gets drained. And they will need to retreat to solitude to their restore energy.    

Ambiverts can be both, depending on their mood and the amount of time they have lived either of the two unique experiences. While it is a good balance, sometimes it is difficult for an ambivert to know what their soul needs. And paying attention to one of these needs while foregoing another could lead them feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed.

And extroverts, the social butterflies as they are called, get energy when they are around people for a long period of time. They become livelier and inspired while their energy levels deflate when they are alone.

As we practice social distancing, say, you are an extrovert, how can you gain energy during this time?

Walk around your neighbourhood

Photo courtesy of Gillian Owino

While practicing physical distancing, go on a walk, a jog or a stroll in your neighbourhood. Sitting outside to feel the sun as you hear people going on about their businesses could also uplift your spirit.

Host a virtual get-together with friends

Plan a virtual contest where you can engage in an activity you enjoy. A movie marathon. A dance party. A baking contest. A cooking party. Record videos of what you are doing and send to one another. Anything that you and your friends can participate in from different locations.

Call your family, friends and colleagues. Also, catching up on what others have been up to has a chance of keeping you recharged. Long phone calls with each one of them can uplift your spirit.

Pursue a solo hobby

Photo by Francis Odhiambo who pursues mobile photography while social distancing/ courtesy

Contrary to popular belief, extroverts can spend time alone. It is only that they enjoy the presence of other people more than being alone. There is plenty of time now to learn a new skill and pursue your favourite hobbies. Some of the activities include baking, cooking, home decor, knitting, learning a new language. Or pursue an online course which are mostly free now.

Reconnect with yourself during this time. As one of my good friends said, this can be the time for all of us to rest, reflect and reset.

Open the windows

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Ventilating our homes is crucial for our health. Also, letting in fresh air and light into your space could make you feel more alive. You could also hear the outside world, look outside the window, and possibly remind that we are all in this together.

Watch YouTube videos

Well, we definitely know that YouTube has a variety of content. From music videos, travel vlogs, comedy shows, talk shows, lifestyle shows, and so on, there is something for everyone.You can now actually ‘attend’ a concert you have dreamed of through your phone.

Bring the outdoors inside your home

Photo by Verena Yunita Yapi on Unsplash

Make your home as outdoor-inspiring as you possibly can by bring some aspects of the outdoors inside your home. Have outdoor cues within your reach to display in your home like gallery wall of photos and postcards, getting a plant, use outdoor scents or play outdoor sounds.

View Instagram Live videos

You can now actually ‘attend’ a concert you have dreamed of through your phone.

Instagram Live is a good source of entertainment. It allows a magnitude of people to connect and have fun. So far, DJ D-Nice, Sauti Sol, and DJ Stylez among others have entertained people live.

Many other personalities in Kenya and in other parts of the world are doing live workout videos, dance videos, cooking videos, and singing challenges which you can jump on.

Dress up as if you are outside

Photo courtesy of Gillian Owino

Staying indoors does not mean any of us has to look drab. If you are into make-up, get into it. Make your own hair, do your own manicure, wear what that makes you feel rejuvenated.

Relieve your exciting past

Look at old pictures in your photo album or phone gallery. Re-watch videos you took when you were out and about. Relieving the memories may help you recharge.

We would love to know, how do you stay social while social distancing?



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