How do you spend your time reading?

Reception rooms, traffic jams, queue areas, restaurants before a date arrives are some of the popular places to crack a book. While it is commendable to always carry a book to devour in your spare time, it can be ideal too to schedule in a good amount of your time just to read. If you view getting lost in a book as an elemental part of our self-care regimen, what is better than to jazz up your reading experience?

Here are some of the ideas on how a book lover, hopefully such as you, can incorporate into reading to make it more fun.

Curling up with your favourite book on a bed or couch, and sipping tea is a familiar setting. But, have you given it a try? If you have, we think getting a personalized mug with a captivating quote or image about books which speak to your soul is a good idea. You could go for the famous “booked for the weekend” sprawled across the mug or an animated image of a stack of colourful books to flatter your eyes. Whichever idea you pick, we recommend exclusively using the mug for your reading time. Cozying up like this is also perfect for this chilly weather.

Take yourself on a date at a café with a page turner is a sure way to treat yourself and spruce up your reading experience at the same time. If you can, visit a café that you adore and order a mouth-watering meal or beverage. Cafés provide a laidback ambiance dripped in artsy interior spaces, and plant-decorated balconies topped with beautiful outdoor view and fresh air for happy reading. Go for it!

Reading on the beach is a blissful experience. Whether it is a December vacation you are taking or you live at the Coast, sunbathing at the seashore with a book on your hand takes reading a notch higher. The splash of waves against coral rocks, shadowed by light breezes sweeping above as you sneak a look at the endless blue waters that carve into a horizon is perfect. You could also go a little extra by selecting a particular book with a beach setting to feel more connected and present.

Read at a park or museum as you immerse yourself in nature’s serenity. Have a little solo picnic under a tree as birds sing to you in The Nairobi Arboretum, rest on a bench in Karura Forest or find a quiet space at a museum to enjoy solitude reading.

Reading in a library is convenient. The idea of being surrounded by books may get you excited. The silence found in libraries can also instill a deeper sense of focus to read. You will also be easily reminded of how many more books you are yet to read. You will be charged a small fee to access libraries.

Take your mind to places by reading and sightseeing. A long train trip to a new town or a boat ride at Uhuru Park exudes a relaxed exploration in both books and places. It is quite affordable too as much as this activity screams bourgeoisie!

Pamper yourself at a beauty salon with a riveting book. Salon visits consume a lot time and deservedly so, this is why they have stocked magazine shelves. Flip pages as you get your hair and nails done.

A reading corner at your home gives you the freedom to create the kind of reading nook you have been dreaming about. You could decorate a corner of your bedroom or living room or anywhere really to fit into your style. A stylish rug, a small bookshelf, wall hangings, throw pillows or cushions, candles and plants are some of the décor items to consider. A good reading space, after all, can begin at home.


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